Creamy Tomato Basil
Chicken Noodle
VG Beef With Barley

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White Wheat Rye Roll


Turkey Breast Tuna (albacore)
Smoked Turkey Vegetarian
Roast Beef Bacon (+1.00wh/+.50hf)
Ham Egg Salad
Pastrami Chicken Cashew
Salami PB & J (select jam below)
Chicken Breast   Raspberry Grape
Swiss Provolone
Pepper Jack Aged Cheddar
Mayo Black Olives
Miracle Whip Dill Pickle
Yellow Mustard Onion
Dijon Mustard Tomato
Spicy Brown Mustard Pepperoncini (banana peppers)
Honey Mustard Lettuce
Ranch Dressing Sprouts
Horseradish Cucumbers (+.50 wh/+.25 hf)
Cranberry Sauce Avocado (+1.00 wh/+.50 hf)
Oil Vinegar    
Salt Pepper
    Daily Special Sandwich
    Breakfast Sandwich
Green Salad (Dressing) Soup (Choice and Size Below)
    Cup Bowl